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Extraction can be done in a multitude of ways, but all require some form of cooling. Whether a system uses butane or CO2 or alcohol, it has temperature requirements for all its solvents. PolyScience fits perfectly in all-in-one extractors and turnkey setups.

Green Mill Supercritical

The Importance of Liquid Temperature Control

Rotary Evaporators (or rotovaps) have been a mainstay in the laboratory world for decades. PolyScience has innovated products that complement them since almost the very beginning.


Whether performing alcohol extraction or post-winterization, PolyScience Recirculating Chillers or Refrigerated Circulators will keep that evaporator running cool, to remove solvents with high accuracy and efficiency. No matter the size of the operation, from 1L to 20L or more, PolyScience has a product to match.

Rotary Evaporation

Best Value Vacs

Summit Research Tech

Short Path Distillation

PolyScience products excel at cooling Short Path Distillation apparatuses.


The condenser turns vapors into fractional products. Precision here is key. You only want to condense those vapors of your end product, not the various other solvents and chemicals. PolyScience Refrigerated Circulators or Recirculating Chillers will provide you with the precision cooling you need to get the cleanest, clearest extracts.


The cold trap at the end of your fractional distillation is critical in terms of product purity. Separating the toxins and impurities is a task that should not be trusted to simple dry ice. Dry ice is cold, but it's also volatile at room temperature. That means a giant loss of temperature consistency as it sublimates. It also means a loss in profit margins, because that dry ice needs to be constantly replenished. Use a PolyScience Low Temperature Cooler instead.

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